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Mother Pauline Visintainer Religious Foundation
P.O. 115, 1150 Chestnut Street
Kulpmont, Pa. 17834

NEW! Bus Tours to the center will be available this summer and fall for those that wish to enjoy a life-changing pilgrimage. We are confident that after your visit, and extra ordinary change from hurt and desperation will resort to one of grace and healing. The itinerary for all such visits will be available in the coming months and we look forward with enthusiasm and humbleness by your your presence, and in doing so, pass St. Pauline's example of love and devotion to Jesus.

The Saint Mother Pauline Foundation was established early in 2003 with the purchase and renovation of the former Saint Casimir Church in Kulpmont Pennsylvania. The Foundations Spiritual Leader is Father Raymond J. Orloski of Holy Angels Parish, Kulpmont, PA. The center is designed for people of all faiths and beliefs, a place to come and pray and view the relics of Saint Pauline. These relics of Saint Pauline are displayed and available for veneration on weekends along with other religious artifacts and articles of history and heritage. The East Wing of the Center houses the "Chapel of the Crucified" which contains artifacts from local churches. These artifacts include crosses, candles and statues from the former Catholic Churches in our local area that are now closed due to the diocesan-wide consolidation.

The Miracles of Saint Pauline have been witnessed by many who have came and prayed at the Center. People formally disabled from Strokes and car accidents have reportedly been healed through prayer and novenas to Saint Pauline.

St. Pauline Visintainer's first class relic can be seen at St. Pauline Visintainer Center, Kulpmont, PA Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM.

If you would like to receive a Saint Pauline prayer card and be added to our mailing list, click here and e-mail us your name, address and specify you would like to receive a prayer card.


Saint Mother Pauline Visintainer Religious Foundation • P.O. 115, 1150 Chestnut Street • Kulpmont, Pa. 17834

570-373-3350 •